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How to Streamline Your Enrollment Management Process

Higher Ed professionals everywhere are looking for ways to streamline, modernize, and trim back what’s not working when it comes to enrollment management.

When you’re able to optimize these processes efficiently at your school, you can achieve a state where you’re:

  • Automating class scheduling
  • Having more insight (and intention ) into how you manage financial aid
  • Providing more proactive support and guidance through academic advisors
  • Increasing profitability 
  • Perhaps most important of all: building a stronger student experience

If you’re looking for ways to increase efficiency on your campus and streamline your operations (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), then here are three enrollment management best practices you can follow.

How to Streamline Your Enrollment Management Strategy

Leverage Workflow Automation Wherever You Can

So much of what goes into enrollment management can be automated, so this is a great place to start. Not only will workflow automation create a better student experience, but it’ll also help make the lives of your team easier and free up time to work on other important tasks.

For example, you can use workflow automation to create triggers at critical junctures for your students. When they miss key deadlines or skip an advisor appointment, you can set up internal alerts, tasks for your team, and follow-up emails—all done automatically. 

The list of how workflow automation can be used in Higher Ed institutions goes on and on, whether it’s class scheduling, disbursing financial aid, building proactive email communication workflows, or planning events. If you need to set up an order of operations where tasks are dependent upon one another (think: signatures, approval, deadlines, etc.), then workflow automation is your friend.

Workflow automation also plays an important role in profitability! Read our blog, Why Workflow Automation and Profitability Go Hand in Hand, for more insights there.

Create Clear Content Pathways for Prospects to Engage

Recruiting and attracting prospects is a big part of enrollment management, and workflow automation can absolutely play a key role here. If you haven’t already, be sure to set up clear content pathways that offer valuable resources in a way that guides students naturally through their journey. It allows your prospective students to engage with you in a way that suits them best while establishing your school as a trusted, valuable guide.

Remember, not everyone is in the same place along their journey. Sure, some students may love your school and be ready to start their application. Others, however, are just getting to know you and aren’t even close to ready for that. If you don’t have content offers that are built for all stages of the journey, you’re missing some huge opportunities to build your prospect list.

Instead of only relying on “Apply Now” and “Request More Information” as your primary (or only) offers, create some premium content that your prospects will find irresistible. This can include things like helpful guides, a cheat sheet, videos with current students or alumni, or an FAQ page, just to name a few. An important thing to remember here is that there should be no dead ends, meaning a prospect should always have multiple engagement opportunities across every asset. 

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By offering up content along different stages of the student lifecycle, you’ll be able to gather valuable insights into the audience you’re attracting to and converting on your website. If you’re getting lots of downloads on a career-focused guide but very few applications, for example, you’ll know that you need to create some kind of middle-of-the-funnel offer to help bridge that gap. 

This will also help you segment your lists by key identifiers, such as program of interest, location, and, most importantly, where they are on their journey as a prospective student. Building segmented lists is a great way to quickly see who your contacts are and how you can best support them.

Higher Ed Workbook for Workflow Automation

Use Multichannel Communication

Here at Verity, we’ve talked a lot about multichannel communication because we believe in it so strongly, and it especially rings true in enrollment management.

Everyone has their own preferences for communication channels, so it’s important to meet students (and parents when they’re at the suspect/prospect stage) where they are. Most commonly this should involve having a solid texting strategy because it’s the preferred channel for Gen Z and they have an astounding 98% open rate, compared to just 20% for emails. This will also help with summer melt, which can hurt your enrollment numbers if you’re not careful. However, be sure to avoid these common mistakes when it comes to texting prospective students

Leveraging multichannel communication will also help you streamline your decision-making when it comes to your approach to enrollment. You’ll be able to understand which channels your prospects prefer, see which emails get the highest open and click rates, and optimize your strategy for the future. 

When you already know what works, you can move more quickly on planning campaigns, building assets, and executing your tasks.

With your whole team able to streamline, what would that do for your workload? How would freeing up that time pave the way for more impactful programs that are fun, exciting, and inspiring to work on—not to mention creating an incredible student experience?

For more insights into how you can leverage multichannel communication, download our guide: 21 Multi-Channel Communication Templates. Inside, you’ll find real, usable templates that you can incorporate today!

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